1. Anonymous asked: How are you drawing this new pixel stuff? Is it on Photoshop?

    I’m drawing them on a janked-out MSPaint clone called Paintbrush (it’s free) which I wouldn’t recommend unless you’re trying to impose a lot of limitations on yourself. I love it.

  9. Study Group pulled some kind of magic and there’ll be a few advance copies of Haunter at LineworkNW tomorrow! I’ll be at table 36 surrounded by too many talented pals to name. If you’re in Portland definitely come check it out, buy some cheap comics, read ‘em in the park

  11. Preorders here


  12. stuff i’m doing in new york

    I’ll be at MoCCA this weekend, lurking at table C25 with Uncivilized Books, along with Sophie Yanow, Gabrielle Bell, Jon Lewis, Alex Holden & Tom Kaczynski.  Here’s a map

    Sunday at 12 I’ll be on a panel with immensely talented kids Frederic Coché and Michael DeForge, moderated by Bill Kartalopoulos. We’ll be talking about materials and forms.

    And then Tuesday at 7pm, Sophie Yanow and I will be presenting on our work at Parsons The New School (2 West 13th Street, in the Bark Room (off the lobby). That’ll be hosted by Ben Katchor. 

    Come say hi if you’re in town! I’m excited


  14. Anonymous asked: do you have any plans about printing Farmer's Dilemma?

    I self-published it for a while last year, and don’t think I’ll do any more. You can still order the Italian editions from Delebile but I don’t think there’ll be another English-language edition until my big life-spanning anthology comes out in 2047

  15. Right now on the Study Group Kickstarter you can pre-order the print edition of my comic Haunter, plus some new Farel Dalrymple and the new Study Group Magazine