1. nicbelor asked: just came across your work and love it! How long have you been drawing comics for? Do you find it hard coming up with ideas? I find you work really warm and evocative so I'm just interested in your process!

    Thank you Nic! I actually have a really specific process for coming up with ideas, which is drinking a lot of coffee and drawing panels from imaginary stories until I like something enough to draw the rest of the comic. The original panel often gets discarded in the finished version.


  2. saponified asked: hey i really love all your stuff and i just wanted to tell you that your pixels lately have been especially killing it. i somehow found eighth grade ~1.5 yrs ago and have been in love with your work ever since. keep being awesome<3

    That’s so nice to hear! Thank you for following me through so many phases.


  5. Anonymous asked: hey, do you do commissions pieces?

    Sometimes! Let me know what you’re looking for: samalden.art@gmail.com


  7. Anonymous asked: How are you drawing this new pixel stuff? Is it on Photoshop?

    I’m drawing them on a janked-out MSPaint clone called Paintbrush (it’s free) which I wouldn’t recommend unless you’re trying to impose a lot of limitations on yourself. I love it.

  15. Study Group pulled some kind of magic and there’ll be a few advance copies of Haunter at LineworkNW tomorrow! I’ll be at table 36 surrounded by too many talented pals to name. If you’re in Portland definitely come check it out, buy some cheap comics, read ‘em in the park