It Never Happened Again - Uncivilized Books, 2014. Collection of two stories: Hawaii 1997 and the previously unreleased Anime. Rough pencil travel narratives. Reviewed by Publishers Weekly and The Comics Journal.

    164 pages, $10.20.

    Screentime June/July - Sonatina Comics, 2014. Non-narrative pixel comics. 24 pages, $5.

    Wicked Chicken Queen - Retrofit Comics, 2014. Short story about an island of shipwrecked sailors who discover an egg in the ocean, from which hatches a vast chicken queen. 24 pages, $5. Reviewed by Comic Book Resources and Just Indie Comics.

    The Man That Dances In The Meadow - Space Face Books, 2014. Horror comic about a young woman who sees something bad in a meadow. 28 pages, $5. 

    Backyard - Sonatina Comics, 2013. Short story about radical housemates in New Orleans whose roommate is turning into a dog. 26 pages, $5. 

    Il trol dei vermi (The Worm Troll) - Delebile Edizioni, 2013. Short story about a young girl negotiating with a wicked troll.  In Italian, with an English translation sheet. 16 pages, €5.

    Il rompicapo del contadino (Farmer’s Dilemma) - Delebile Edizioni, 2013. Short story about a fox and his adoptive parents, who are chickens. Special Edition with screenprinted covers, french flaps, other fancy stuff, available as well. In Italian, with an English translation sheet.16 pages.  €5.


    Mould Map 3 - Landfill Editions, 2014. (Attack, 4-page story). Short piece about an angry teenager, not available online. The rest of the book is much better. 50

    Mother - Delebile Edizioni, 2013. (Keith, 8-page story). Short piece about a mother and son, not available online. In Italian, with an English translation  sheet. €15.

    Home - Delebile Edizioni, 2013. (The Boat, 2-page story). Short piece about nostalgia. In Italian, with an English translation sheet. €15.