1. some pages from Frontier #5, debuting at SPX from Youth In Decline

  2. sonatinacomics:


    'Screentime June/July' is a collection of Sam Alden's monochrome pixel drawings. A departure from his full-color pixel work, Screentime immerses itself completely in the instinctive musicality of Sam's imagery and arrangements, evoking emotional landscapes that resemble everything from the best of golden age adventure gaming to the quiet pleasures of pop song sublimity. But never fear, there's a story here as well, hidden deep beneath the veneer; with a little prodding, clicking around, patience, much is revealed.

    BW // 24 pages // $5.00

  3. from a comic for subcultures anthology about industrial shredders and the men who love them

    (Source: ninthartpress)

  5. 5-color screenprint design for upcoming retrofit show at telegraph

  10. This is the last week to pre-order It Never Happened Again for 15% off. I drew this book and I think it’s neat

  11. from my contribution to the new kuš

  12. Comic Book Resources interviewed me about It Never Happened Again

    Buzzfeed interviewed me about Eighth Grade.

  14. castle drawings


  15. christiannlg said: Hi again! I was wondering... What kind of pencils do you like to use for your drawings?


    it changes a lot but this is what i’m using right now. the one at the bottom with all the masking tape over it is the only kinda fancy one; it’s a kuru toga 05. i use it for lettering and for drawing eyes and mouths.