1. Comic Book Resources interviewed me about It Never Happened Again

    Buzzfeed interviewed me about Eighth Grade.

  3. castle drawings


  4. christiannlg said: Hi again! I was wondering... What kind of pencils do you like to use for your drawings?


    it changes a lot but this is what i’m using right now. the one at the bottom with all the masking tape over it is the only kinda fancy one; it’s a kuru toga 05. i use it for lettering and for drawing eyes and mouths.

  8. i got to draw the cover for anna anthropy's sext adventure game And The Robot Horse You Rode In On. it was a lot of fun! hair reference credit to mimi.

  11. robkirbycomics:

    My review of Sam Alden’s It Never Happened Again: Two Stories from Uncivilized Books is up now on tcj.com, go here


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    HOLLOW, part I

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  13. uncivilizr:

    Check out this nice podcast interview with Sam Alden on Make It Then Tell Everybody. There’s a lot of great process talk! Sam gives away all his secrets! Preorder his book here.

    I’ve been meaning to post to this interview for a long time; I was actually really happy with it, which is rare for me. Also look, there’s the back of my book! This is the first time I’ve seen it.