4. i got to draw the cover for anna anthropy's sext adventure game And The Robot Horse You Rode In On. it was a lot of fun! hair reference credit to mimi.

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    My review of Sam Alden’s It Never Happened Again: Two Stories from Uncivilized Books is up now on tcj.com, go here


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    HOLLOW, part I

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  9. uncivilizr:

    Check out this nice podcast interview with Sam Alden on Make It Then Tell Everybody. There’s a lot of great process talk! Sam gives away all his secrets! Preorder his book here.

    I’ve been meaning to post to this interview for a long time; I was actually really happy with it, which is rare for me. Also look, there’s the back of my book! This is the first time I’ve seen it.

  12. uncivilizr:

    Sam Alden’s It Never Happened Again got it’s first review on Publishers Weekly a while ago! Here’s what they say about one of the two stories, the never before published “Anime”:

    The storytelling in “Anime” is a fair bit more complex, and the artwork is more refined, though only slightly. The character study of a Japanophile uncomfortable in her own skin and native country relies more heavily on dialogue to draw a full and sympathetic portrait of its protagonist, but Alden still knows when to let the silence take over. The result is two thematically divergent, but devastatingly human portraits from an emerging cartoonist displaying the sort of storytelling and artistic restraint that often only comes after years of toiling away at the drawing board. Alden is a talent to watch.

    Read the whole thing here. Preorder the book here!

  14. New 60-page mini, titled Hollow, that I’ll be debuting at TCAF. It’s the first installment of a longer work that I’d like to serialize throughtout the year. Published by Colosse, with sexy two-color risograph covers. Table 139

  15. I’m gonna have beaucoup copies of Haunter at TCAF